scrapbookingI’m back doing part B of the brilliant Make Art That Sells online course, led by Lilla Rogers. I learnt so much in part A, and since finishing it I’ve rebranded Go Radiate to focus solely on illustration and teaching. MATS really helped give me the confidence to make the leap and I’ve been really enjoying my work these past few months.

Week One: Paper Market

Our warm up project was to draw gingerbread houses and our main assignment was to design a Christmas card that we’d like to send to one of our friends with the gingerbread house in it.

Purrfect Christmas

Purrfect Christmas

Week Two: Baby Apparel

We had to design a pirate themed pattern suitable for babies.

Baby Apparel

Baby Apparel


Week Three: Scrapbooking

I must admit I didn’t know what scrapbooking was but it’s all about making your own special memory book or photo album for a special occasion eg getting married or having a baby. We spent the first half of the week drawing vintage ink bottles then used our sketches to make a page suitable for a scrapbooking kit. (See above for image).


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