Sketching by the Barrow - Melissa Culhane

Waterways Ireland made this short film about one of my sketching workshops along the beautiful river Barrow in Carlow, summer 2022.

Nature Sketch Walks

I’m back doing nature sketch walks for groups of all ages. This seems to be particularly suitable for festivals and for community gatherings as it works so well across all ages. It’s also great for work outings. Everyone brings their own sketchbook and art materials (something handy like colouring pencils are great for on the go!) and we take a walk and tune into nature. I move around the group to encourage people and make sure everyone is getting into the flow of looking and drawing. It becomes a really relaxing time together and sometimes I get a chance to show off my wildflower/tree/mushroom identification knowledge even though I’m still a beginner with mushrooms! It’s a really fun, informal way, to bring people together.

Carlow Garden Festival

Here are some photos from a recent nature sketch walk I did as part of Carlow Garden Festival. This was along the River Barrow in Leighlinbridge, an exceptionally beautiful setting! Thanks to Carlow Tourism and Paul Murphy for the photos.

Sligo Children's Community Garden

Generational Calm

Ruth Le Gear made this beautiful video of my nature journalling workshop in Sligo Children’s Community Garden, October 2022

Thanks to Ruth Le Gear for the photos.