Melissa_Doran_Dog_2A_Wk5The final week of Make Art That Sells (Part A) focused on Giftware and this week I worked with photographs. We needed to make a “hyper-lush” zipper pouch.

I played around a lot in Photoshop, chopping things up and using blend modes to get effects.

I also used After Effects with some home videos I had and tried out different effects to potentially use as an abstract background. The following images we got using a Kaleidoscope effect in After Effects, then exporting the frame as a Photoshop Document.

kaleidescope1 kaleidescope2 kaleidescope3

I also just exported straight frames (I had a home movie of my cat when she was a kitten), and put effects on them in Photoshop.

The following image was put through a filter called Solarise in Photoshop.


The Kaleidoscope was too busy for what I wanted to I went for a more simplified mosaic background (again from After Effects) and changed the colour using an adjustment layer (hue/saturation) in Photoshop. Meet my dog Max :).


So that’s it for Part A! Can’t wait for Part B starting in the Springtime. I have so much work to do developing my portfolio between now and then. Will keep you posted!

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