Rathmines is a village close to Dublin city centre, and anyone over 40 who went to college in Dublin tells me that they used live there. I lived nearby for many years and still have my library membership there…there’s loads of massive red brick houses in that area, lots of them divided up into flats. This was the first year I made it to the Rathmines garden trail, organised once a year by Rathmines Initiative.

This year it took place on June 11th, and it was a very showery day with gorgeous bursts of sunshine in between. Most of the gardens were really close together so we made a few runs for it in between the rain and I think we made it to six out of the eight gardens… I loved the country garden style of the first one which had hens at the end of the garden, and seemed like the result of a lifetimes tender care. It’s always interesting to see how people adapt their space and what they decide to grow! The last garden we visited was all green – hardly any colourful flowers, and as a result it was so relaxing – the rain made it seem even more serene…


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