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Sowing The Seed

Sowing The Seed is a community project based in County Leitrim based around the traditions associated with straw. For one part of the project, oat seeds were distributed for the community to grow themselves and in the autumn, it will be harvested and there will be workshops to explain how to create a strawboy hat. My logo draws from the strawboy tradition- the two characters are dressed in

UX Design Institute Core Values Mural

The UX Design Institute offers online UX training and is based in Dublin’s Digital Hub. I was asked to illustrate their team’s core values for a mural that would take pride of place in their office. I used their existing branding as a starting point – taking the colour palette and abstracting the orbit icons. It was created in Adobe Illustrator and printed on a matte vinyl

Dreolín Productions Logo

Dreolín Productions are a video production company from the northwest of Ireland, specialising in traditional Irish dance, music and culture. They came to me with a strong concept- Dreolín means wren (the bird), which has strong associations with wrenboys or strawboys, who dress up on St Stephens Day (December 26th) and play traditional music and have a big dance off. The brief was for a

A Quack Too Far

A Quack Too Far is my graduation film for BA(hons) Animation degree. A fox settles down to sleep for the day, listening to the beautiful birdsong in the forest. However a noisy duck moves in next door and won’t shut up. What does the fox have to do to get some peace? I created the backgrounds in Adobe Illustrator, the characters in Photoshop, and animated it in After Effects, with the final

Movie Locations-Bladerunner

I made a collection of scenes from films to help me get to grips with creating different moods, working with lighting, and making realistic textures in Photoshop.

Movie Locations – Murder on the Orient Express – Istanbul

Painted in Photoshop based on a still from Murder on the Orient Express

Movie Locations – Murder on the Orient Express – Alps

I made a collection of scenes from films to help me get to grips with creating different moods, working with lighting, and making realistic textures in Photoshop. Painted in Photoshop based on a still from Murder on the Orient Express.  

Pocket Portraits

As part of my month in FROST, the Christmas pop up shop, I ran a little “pocket portrait” event where anyone who came in could get their portrait drawn by me, for free, in about 3 minutes. It was really fun and surprisingly relaxing for the people getting their portrait drawn :) It was kinda not relaxing for me but I did really enjoy it! I made about 70 drawings so here is a

Baby Portrait

An absolutely beautiful baby had her portrait illustrated in time for her naming day earlier this year. Her parents wanted some special song lyrics, and the baby’s name and birth date to be included along with some birds, animals and wildflowers. So much love was poured into this drawing from all sides. I hope little Ellie loves to look at herself in this magical place as she grows up.

My Naturama Nature Journal

My Naturama Nature Journal is the companion book to Naturama, and was launched in March 2017, published by Gill Books. It’s a beautiful follow on to Naturama, and is designed to bring outside with you so that you can stop and draw a picture of your favourite tree and list out the birds you’ve seen on your nature walk. It also has lots of fun projects to do throughout th

Benson Street Illustration

I was asked to draw a nature in the city themed illustration for Dublin City Council, to be installed on hoarding around the site of a new park at Benson Street in Dublin’s Docklands. Talk about a dream commission! It went up in February 2017 and is set to be in place for a couple of years. It stretches 55 metres long (180 ft) so you have to go there in person to get the full

Wedding invite and installation

This job started off as a wedding invite for nature lovers and then evolved into a cool wildlife art installation at the wedding itself! The wedding invite was designed to include the favourite animals of the bride and groom (including their cat!) and to also reference the autumn season and the wedding venue – Virginia Park Lodge in Cavan. Then we got cut outs of the animals printed and


Number one bestseller – Irish wildlife book, written by Michael Fewer and Illustrated by Melissa Doran, featuring 84 colour nature drawings. Published by Gill Books. For more about Naturama, please click here.

Naturama poster for RTÉ Guide

I designed a double sided pull-out A2 Naturama themed activity poster for the RTÉ Guide (week starting 20 June 2016) combining drawings from Naturama and new activity exercises. The poster features two seasons on each side with different flora and fauna to watch out for depending on the time of the year.  

Illustrated portraits

I made illustrated portraits of Michael Fewer and I in collaboration with the photographer Myles Shelly for the Naturama publicity campaign for Gill Books. I combined the photos with an illustrated nature backdrop.  


I took part in the #100dayproject organised by Elle Luna and The Great Discontent, and I drew a bike a day for 100 days. All the bicycles I drew have their own story and belong to one of my friends. I shared videos of drawing, blogs about my process and finished work all on social media and exhibited the full collection in Fumbally Exchange as part of the Transformation exhibition. (Click

Yes Equality

Poster I made in support of the 2015 Marriage Equality Referendum. Damn Fine Print in Block T had a shout out for yes/heart posters and this was mine. They were screen printed in red and/or neon pink and were sold in Block T in Smithfield in Dublin. Everyone was so excited about the Yes vote result :)

Jumble Fever – Image Interiors

Commission for Image Interiors and Living magazine, January/February 2015 issue. The girl is wearing really cute clothes and I also want to live in her little house! I love the magazine and the article itself (by Ella Griffin) is really sweet and funny. January/February 2015 issue in the shops now :) Happy new year everyone!  

Long Eared Owl, Irish Wildlife Trust

Delighted to have an illustration in the Winter 2014 issue of the Irish Wildlife Trust magazine. This will be a pull out poster in the Kids section (Badger Club) of the magazine. I had a Spring poster earlier on in the year. Can’t wait to see it in print!

Bottomless Lake

Limited edition (run of 40) archival print on cotton rag fine art paper. This is inspired by a bottomless lake near Gowel, behind a famous fairy hill, ‘Sheemore’, beside me in Leitrim, Ireland, where I grew up. Now available for purchase in my etsy shop.

City Gardening

Submission for my editorial illustration group (now finished) August 2014. This was to go with an article about gardening in the city. I drew my favourite flowers from my mother’s garden, dahlias and nasturtiums.

Dublin Map

Dublin Map for my friends in the Fumbally Exchange: ditch work and hit the seaside…that’s me with my bike wearing my favourite dress! Read more…

Chop Wood

Limited Edition (20) print for Arthur Guinness Fund 2012 Awardees, presented in June 2014 at the end of their mentorship program. I was delighted to be asked by Guinness to make 20 limited edition prints for their Arthur Guinness Fund Graduates (2012). The AGF awardees  are social entrepreneurs and got funding and mentorship over the past two years. My print was going to be part of their

Wildlife Party, Irish Wildlife Trust

Fun poster for the Irish Wildlife Trust Badger Club kids magazine – this was my first published illustration. Actually, this was the drawing that led me to get the job illustrating Naturama! Gill Books spotted it on Facebook and told my friend (who works with them) that they wanted to meet me. And the rest is history…

No Guts No Glory

“No Guts No Glory”, A2 screenprint, limited run of 5.


I created this hare etching as part of a workshop with the artist Debora Ando (you can read about the workshop here). I made a second version where I added a second colour for foxgloves and a butterfly but at the moment I prefer the original one colour version.