Dreolín Productions Logo


Dreolín Productions are a video production company specialising in traditional Irish dance, music and culture. They came to me with a strong concept- Dreolín means wren (the bird), which has strong associations with wrenboys or strawboys, who dress up on St Stephens Day (December 26th) and play traditional music and have a big dance off. The brief was for a black and white logo, incorporating hand drawn lettering with a wren and a strawboy.


Logo Design

  • Design

    Character design and hand lettering

  • Client

    Dreolín Productions

In olden days a wren got killed on Stephen’s Day so I thought it was really important to make our strawboy be really cute and playful and in a musical collaboration with the wren, in keeping with the positive (non wren killing!) vibes of the company. I found a photo online of an adorable strawboy from the 1800’s from Leitrim (where the company is based) and I used him as a starting point for my character.

Please visit their website to see what I mean about Dreolín Productions – they make gorgeous, joyous, vibrant videos and I wanted the logo to capture that.