I was delighted to be asked to speak at the inaugural meeting of Digital Leitrim in The Hive, Carrick on Shannon on Dec 2nd 2014. This will be a great networking resource for all the digital creatives based in the Leitrim area. I spoke about working in Fumbally Exchange and how the informal networking practices here have been a huge boost to both my business and personal life. I’m from Leitrim so I love being home and getting to know all the lovely people I never met before. I had a workshop with Harnessing Creativity  in The Hive earlier on that day so it was a lovely end to my visit.

I had a sideshow giving a glimpse into the fun activities we’ve had in Fumbally over the past few years. I really wanted to emphasise the benefits of having outings and meet ups that weren’t just “meetings”. When you have an organisation that only networks with meetings you are only giving voice to the people who are good at speaking out and taking charge in meetings. When you have a variety of informal events then you give different personality types a chance to shine and it helps people to connect and become friends…thus leading to great business and trustworthy collaborations.

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