Poster by Gareth Jones

Fumbally Exchange is five years old and as part of the birthday celebrations we are having an exhibition named Transformation. It runs from 7th til the 18th of September in Fumbally Exchange, 5 Dame Lane, Dublin 2 and it features the work of some talented fumballiers. It also includes the full 100 collection of my #100daysof bicycles project! I’m so excited to be finished and have everything up on the wall. Here’s a sneak peek of my wall and some photos so far… I’ve had so much fun showing people round and it’s extra exciting when my friends whose bikes are in it pop in for a visit! It’s open late on Culture Night September 18th so if you haven’t seen it by then, please pop in and say hi. I will tell you all 100 stories from the 100 bicycles! :)

Photo by Kate Horgan

Photo by Kate Horgan

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