I’m still loving this project! Delighted will all the positive feedback and people keep on sending me their photos! Loving all the new instagram friends I’m making, it’s such a friendly place to share your work. I also described in detail how I am making these bikes so please take a look here for that….


Nathan Picardo #100DaysofBicycles Day 21 Kapow!


Rosaleen Herbert #100DaysofBicycles Day 22: at least 60 years old high nelly


Denis Culhane, champion Ring of Kerry and Waterford Way cyclist #100DaysofBicycles Day 23


#100DaysofBicycles Day 24 Tadhg Keating loves his bike


#100DaysofBicycles Day 25 Aisling Ni Nuallain – this bike is named after Jessica Fletcher :)


#100DaysofBicycles Day 26 this bike belongs to my lovely friend Will who lives in London- look at his reflectors from the cornflake box! Will was in my Bike love film- he’s the one whose bike was stolen all those years ago, so aren’t you happy he’s moved on with this beauty!


#100DaysofBicycles Day 27 Stephen Musiol who works with me in Fumbally Exchange, he has a hard working bicycle…


#100DaysofBicycles Day 28, Eva’s bike Molly


#100DaysofBicycles Day 22 Day 29, Juliet’s balance bike..ZOOOM!!


#100DaysofBicycles Day 30, This belongs to a little girl names Sana :)


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