Constanza Dessain led us for week 2. The idea of this course is to get you loosened up about drawing from the imagination. It’s also to build up a bank of drawings to work from in future. I love this idea as I really enjoy keeping a sketchbook but have completely let it slide in the past couple of years. I am so used to drawing from reference it would be good to use it as a starting point for more imaginative drawings. A big chunk of this weeks work was to draw from reference, then imagine something new into the drawing.

We started week two by drawing our bed, in a material that could be easily erased.

Then we had to pick from two famous art figures and put them in the bed – I chose this one by Goya.

Next we had to draw an open doorway, with a glimpse to what’s beyond…then we had to add a figure.

For this exercise we started with a view out the window, then added a version of a Van Gogh figure.

Starting with a figure from earlier, add an object, then a piece of furniture, then something that’s alive, then suggest flooring, then draw something that’s falling, then a liquid, a reflection….a really good exercise about not planning ahead and going with the flow of suggestions as they appear.

Final exercise (pretty exhausted now!) Starting with a drawing of a chair, then pick a figure (from a selection) to place on the chair..then everything else is a series of prompts that you have to add in….