Very excited to be starting a childrens book illustration course this evening. Homework was to make three Artist Trading Cards. I will be making some every week and will add them here as I go along…(explanations/titles below)

Week one: a monster, a friendly animal, and a four year old child.

Week two: Fifi’s Circus Capers.

Week three: Uncle Bear, make it sequential and try out a new medium: I tried watercolours, lots of room for improvement and need to work on getting my Uncle Bear look consistent (he aged about 10 years between cards)

Week four: Africa, my watercolouring is improving!

Week five: broken robot, sequential, collage

Week six: a bit lost: an ostrich in a play house, a kangaroo in a field of cows.

Week seven: Hedgehog visits London (sequential)…gets the bus, takes a close look at the guards at buckingham palace, sees an amazing spike!

Week eight: Dizzying Heights: involves a snail and worm and a ladybug who get as high as they can.

Week thirteen (we had a break from the act cards for a while): Dinosaur Holiday: the dinosaur’s missus gets eaten by a tyrannosaurus rex and he needs to get away for a while: so he takes a magic carpet ride and goes hot air ballooning over an erupting volcano….

Giant’s Picnic
Aunty toad (Gimme a kiss!)
And a few character ideas for the main event: the book!