Almost at the half way mark now :) Love meeting all the bike lovers online. Instagram is a really friendly place!
When you see my hand with a pen in the pictures below, please press play to watch the videos – I made a timelapse of the hand drawing part.

One of the hard things is never going back to tweak the drawings – I do it all in one go and then publish so there’s no going back! I am usually pretty decisive when I draw already but this is pushing me! With my other work I really appreciate having the time to let things settle then go back and develop the drawings.

The great thing about the project is that it’s a set formula but plenty of variety each time. I have everything lined up ready to go each day and the fun part is seeing the bike owners reaction when I post it. #ilovemybike

For more info on how I make the rest of the drawing visit: How I make my bicycle drawings

Day 41#100DaysofBicycles #The100DayProject this bike belongs to my friend Andreas from Fumbally

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Sideways bike drawing #100DaysofBicycles

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Another kids bike today #100DaysofBicycles

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#100DaysofBicycles #illustration #bicycles #the100dayproject

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I’m on day 50!!!! #100DaysofBicycles #the100dayproject drawing my friend @amcooke83 s bike :)

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