seagulls go radiateI’ve been noticing a lot of seagulls recently. In real life, looking at me sideways, and online.

This Flora Chang (Happydoodleland) drawing has been my screensaver on my phone the last month or so.

Flora Chang Seagulls

Flora Chang Seagulls


And here is a beautiful image from another one of my favourites, Ryo Takesmasa.

ryo takesmasa seagull

Ryo Takesmasa SeagullS


This seagull takeover is by Sergio Membrillas.

Sergio Membrillas

Sergio Membrillas

This is by Tetsuhiro Wakabayashi

tetsuhiro wakabayashi

Tetsuhiro Wakabayashi

If you want to get happy, impersonate the seagull in this Metronomy video and walk like it for a bit.


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