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Naturama is a beautiful large format wildlife book for children, written by Michael Fewer and illustrated by Melissa Doran. Out now and published by Gill Books. Buy Naturama and My Naturama Nature Journal from Gill books.

Number 1 Bestseller in Irish Children’s Non Fiction

“This breathtakingly exciting new book introduces you to Ireland’s flora and fauna with every changing season. Discover the magic of nature right on your doorstep, from the back garden to the local park and the countryside. Even the smallest garden is a vast canvas of nature with its worms, insects, flowers and birds. Listen to the blackbird’s song, spot an madra rua in your local town, discover why the ash tree is good for making hurlies, count a snail’s 27,000 teeth, watch stags fight and spot jellyfish at the seaside, laughing as you discover the meaning of their Irish name, smugairle róin! With Naturama you will discover the magic of every Irish season. So put your boots on – it’s time to go outside!”

For Naturama related press enquiries please contact Ellen Monnelly at Gill Books, emonnelly@gill.ie

Naturama and My Naturama Nature Journal,

Open your eyes to the wonders of Irish Nature


It was a fantastic experience to collaborate with the writer Michael Fewer to create Naturama and its companion book, My Naturama Nature Journal. He is a beautiful writer and created a gentle and playful introduction to the natural world. My illustrations for the book are inspired by my own childhood, growing up on a small farm in county Leitrim. I kept nature journals (see videos of them below) and drew pictures and wrote stories about everything I saw out in the wild, especially the birds. In the journal we have different projects to do outside throughout the seasons such as make a bird house, and grow a seedling, as well as places in the journal itself to keep records of your nature sightings and stick in the feathers and leaves you’ve collected.

My happy head outside Hodges Figgis bookshop in Dublin, with a big window of Naturama when it launched in May 2016

Me on TV!

This is me talking about Naturama and how I draw. It went out on RTÉ 2 on May 26th 2016.

My Nature Journals from when I was 11

RTÉ Guide

I had a double sided pull-out A2 Naturama themed activity poster in the RTÉ Guide (week starting 20 June 2016) and there was also a reader offer promotion so hope you got a hold of it!



The Irish Times


We got a Naturama themed double page spread in the Irish Times weekend magazine on June 25, 2016. The article was written by Arminta Wallace, and features interviews with Michael Fewer and I. To read the online version in The Irish Times, click here.

Irish Mail on Sunday


On Sunday July 10th 2016 we had a double page spread in the Irish Daily Mail with an article about the inspiration behind Naturama by Michael Fewer.

The Sunday World

Naturama in The Sunday World

Naturama special in Sunday World

In November 2016 there was the cutest ever Naturama booklet free with The Sunday World, filled with my Autumn and Winter illustrations from the book and nature writing by Michael Fewer. They also made a beautiful promotional video to go along with it, which you can watch here.

The Spring/Summer Naturama booklet came out in March 2017, with a little promo video here.

Farmer’s Journal

farmers journal naturama

Lovely interview about how I ended up becoming an illustrator by Maria Moynihan in the Irish Country Living section of the Farmer’s Journal – you can read the article here.

Leitrim Guardian

Naturama special in the 2017 Leitrim Guardian combined with a love letter to County Leitrim, describing the perfect place to live and work as an artist.

To see a gallery of Naturama drawings on the RTÉ Culture Website, click here.

For a funny Naturama review on Mooney Goes Wild radio Show from RTÉ 1, listen here (from 23 mins in).


Naturama in the gift shop at the National Botanic Gardens Dublin

Naturama in the gift shop at the National Botanic Gardens, Dublin

Where to buy Naturama

Naturama and My Naturama Nature Journal are available in all good bookstores across Ireland so support your local bookstore, and you can also get it for free in your library :)
You can also buy online from Gill Books: Naturama or My Naturama Nature Journal and in the usual online spots.

You can find some framed prints and signed books in Bí Urban, 3 Manor Street, Stoneybatter, Dublin 7.