Here is a tiny selection of work from my time in UCD architecture school…..please click on image to view in fullscreen

Map of Parnell Square: Collaboration with Joanne Lyons and some students from NCAD Art Theory masters… The project concept dealt with ownership of Parnell Square in Dublin City. We made a map of Parnell Square using zoomed in and zoomed out photographs of the pavement and labelled each as a delightful and unique gift box for a loved one

Concept college for live-in theatre building on a boggy shoreline site in Conemara, west of ireland..concept dealt with orientating the inhabitants out into the landscape; a stepping stone progression from land down to shoreline.

The site was in a very remote area, a short drive outside of Roundstone village. Because it’s so remote I knew it would be an event in itself to get there and I wanted the theatre-goers to stay over night.
As part of the event, the audience will arrive by boat from Roundstone and land on a pier which leads them up alongside the theatre and into a central sheltered courtyard.
This acts as a foyer to the theatre. In the theatre space itself, there are steps down to the stage and fixed seats which are wooden benches.
Inside the benches are the beds for the audience. The lid of the bench lifts up and props to the side giving a little privacy, and you sleep snuggly in the open box.
The actors, set designers, dress makers and other people who work in the theatre have more private and spacious sleeping arrangements.
I liked the idea of a space that fills up and then empties out again depending on the theatre’s event list.

Urban Void
Proposal for Community Centre