July 30th, 2022

En Plein Air painting workshop in Glebe House and Gallery, Churchill, Co. Donegal, with Cornelius Browne


Following on from my tree drawing earlier in July (see post here!) I took Cornelius’s advice and finally started painting. I went back to the same tree and made my first ever oil painting. This is how I got on…starting with an uh-oh this is sooo hard..building something up …adding my graphite stick to put a shape on things over the wet oils…then reaching the end, brain melted!


So my first ever painting… can’t tell you how difficult, frustrating and exciting it was! Went for a swim in the lake before I went home just to stick my head back onto the rest of my body. I love painting!!!!

Cornelius introduced me to the work of the english landscape painter Samuel Palmer (1805-1881) today – here’s some of his work: