Week nine and ten (of ten) from my Royal Drawing School Drawing:Ink and Watercolour evening course.

November 16, 2022

Week 9 – Max Naylor

This class was focused on scale. We started with a zoomed in close up study followed by a zoomed out space drawing. (Then we had to combine the two somehow in a new drawing which I didn’t get round to doing.)

I started with some beach finds that were in the room beside me, drawing with a water soluble graphite pencil and watercolour.

The space drawing (A3) was based on an image from the James Webb telescope. I found it surprisingly moving to paint outer space. I used the masking fluid for the fist time to mask out the white bits til the end.

We looked at the epic landscape paintings of John Ruskin and Hans Gude, noticing how they combine a strong detailed foreground with a less detailed background.

November 23, 2022

Week 10 – Max Naylor

We made a collaborative, imagined drawing (A2) for the whole class – everyone gave a prompt for the next ten minutes drawing and at the end we had to try tie it all together somehow. It was another “not thinking” and going on instinct drawing which I found very freeing. Everyone had completely different results (we all share our work as we go along in a shared online gallery).

This course was so good – helped me get back in the flow of creating and was really inspiring overall. So glad the Royal Drawing School have so many amazing online courses! The next one I’m doing is Animation: Metamorphosis and Transformation in December.