Week two and three of my Royal Drawing School Drawing:Ink and Watercolour evening course.

(Week one here)

September 28, 2022

Week 2 – Stephanie Forrest

This class was about playing with ink in relation to gesture and sound and we did lots of experiments!

We started by looking at ancient Chinese art that mixed abstract with representational – work that went with what the ink suggested and elaborating from there. We looked at different artists and their processes.

The exercises this evening were about starting off with random marks – getting an organic abstract feel, seeing what the marks suggest to you and then adding detail.

Exercise – eight drawings at once

We had eight drawings on the go at once, building them up in layers one after the other, trying to be as free as possible, just seeing what happens. We tried out different techniques or different combinations of wet ink on wet paper or a dry brush on dry paper; different tones of ink, adding salt to dry out speckles.

Exercise – respond to poetry

Listening to poetry, we made an ink response to the words.

October 5, 2022

Week 3 – Max Naylor

This class was about making drawings on the theme of the door/window as portal.

We looked at artists such as Patrick Caulfield, Pierre Bonnard, Leon Bakst, Eric Ravillious.

Exercise 1:

Drawing (A3) looking out of a window – I used a different language for inside and outside here.

Exercise 2:

Drawing (A3) looking inwards into a room via window reflection (It’s dark outside by now!).

Exercise 3:

Longer drawing incorporating reflections – I drew this self portrait at my work desk, looking at the mirrored window. First picture is a crop of abandoned drawing, second is the redone one (A2).