The Empress Gallery has organised a special one-off screening of contemporary video art as part of the Belfast Film Festival and I’m delighted to have my short film, Dream in a Landscape, included!

It’s happening in the Queen’s Film Theatre, Belfast, on Sunday 3rd April at 2pm. Details and tickets here.

Here’s a big snippet from the press release:

‘”Ordinary things tell secrets to the one who knows how to look at them and listen to them…’

In response to the increasing prevalence of video as a vital part of the practice of many contemporary artists, the Empress Gallery presents Contempo rary Art and the Moving Image, a special one-off screening comprising video pieces made by some of the most exciting and challenging contemporary artists working today. Videos are from artists from both Ireland and beyond, and include video art, short films, animations, video documentation of performances and installations, and more.”

Update July 2011: Contemporary Art and the Moving Image was shown at the Galway Arts Festival in the Galway Arts Centre on July 2nd for a day on a loop (see photos).