Benson Street Illustration


If you take a walk down Benson Street in Dublin 2 you will see a very colourful little area amongst all the dust of the nearby building sites!  I was commissioned by Dublin City Council to design a  55 metre long illustration on a hoarding around the building site for a new park. The drawing moves through the four seasons and is packed full of native flora and fauna, and features some local landmarks too.


  • Design

    Art Direction , Illustration

  • Client

    Dublin City Council

  • Software


For this project, I did most of the drawing by hand in my notebook, then scanned it in and worked it up in Illustrator.  I collaged hand coloured work with vectorised, digitally coloured elements. I collaborated with the printer to have everything perfect so they could make a series of panels to fit with the perimeter of the site, taking into account the corner elements and the slight slope. Once printed, the site contractors took care of the rest and installed it over a day.

Let me know if you go see it!