Rave Reviews

I have loved every minute of Melissa’s Illustrator course. Her instructions were precise and clear which made the learning feel effortless. It was exciting and inspiring to discover the range of possibilities that Illustrator offers, I am looking forward to applying them to my own work from now on.


Fiona Dowling

Melissa’s workshop is a fun and informative way to ease into the world of illustrator. She has a great way of explaining the basics while giving you the tools to advance on your own time and at your own pace. She provides many fantastic insider tips that you might not get anywhere else. Highly recommend!

Kate Conway

Great experience doing Melissa’s Dorans illustrating course, didn’t expect to learn as much as I did in the two days. As well as being very practical it was also creative. Melissa was more than helpful I would highly recommend.

Hannah Byrne
Melissa was a great teacher, the course is really well structured and we were able to immediately apply what we were learning. I would highly recommend this course if you are a complete novice or beginner in Illustrator and need the basics. Overall it was a really enjoyable weekend !
Melody Ung

Melissa came to GTI to deliver a two day Adobe Illustrator course. We all really enjoyed it and learnt a lot – her method of teaching was extremely effective and exciting as she brought AI to life by introducing the endless possibilities that AI offers to designers and illustrators. Melissa is so organised and her classes are easy to follow so that even the slowest of us could keep up. We are all using AI in our work now which is fantastic after only two days of her course.

Siobhan Mc Nutt

Would highly recommend Melissa’s [Digital Illustration] course. She is a great teacher. I went in a complete novice and came away with the skills to transform and use my drawings in a new and fun way. She gives great notes to refer back to and creates a lovely atmosphere in her class. Thanks Melissa!

Bairbre Herbert

I took Melissa’s weekend Adobe Illustrator course. I needed to learn some basic functions to help me with an unusual technical work related task. Melissa took us through the basics of the programme in a structured, organised manner that was both fun and enjoyable. I would highly recommend this course and her style of teaching. Also Fumbally Exchange is a very interesting and alternative office and teaching facility that is worth a visit.

Kieran Daly

[Digital Illustration workshop] Thanks very much for the course Melissa. I learned a lot, and feel very encouraged to illustrate! You have broken down a complex tool into fundamental and usable parts. I’m looking forward to getting stuck in now. Thanks again.

Karen Mortell
[Digital Illustration workshop] Brilliant course! Melissa was able to break down and explain in a simple and efficient way all the most important aspects of Illustrator. I really think this course was beneficial to me and I really feel more confident about my skills and want to keep experimenting with Illustrator. Definitely recommended!
Chiara Tallarini
[Digital Illustration Workshop] Really informative class. Enjoyed it a lot and would definitely recommend it to others looking to know the basics of Adobe Illustrator.
Jillian Murphy

[Digital Illustration Workshop] This course was great. I learned way more than I thought would have been possible in the past two days. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute and now have the confidence and skills needed to produce professional quality work.

Sinead Deegan

Melissa is as patient as she is professional. Her knowledge of Illustrator is vast and her communication method is fluent and easily understood. I would whole heartedly recommend her two day introductory course.

David Cuddy

[Digital Illustration Workshop] I found the class so useful having played around with Illustrator for a couple of years I really feel like I have got the hang of it at last and will definitely be putting all I learnt to good use! Melissa’s class was well structured and everybody got help and attention. I would definitely recommend it to anyone struggling to find out all about the possibilities of Illustrator!

Niamh Moran

[Digital Illustration Workshop] I highly recommend Go Radiate’s weekend illustrator course. Melissa was a knowledgeable and approachable instructor, happy to share her own professional experiences and tips, making this much more than simply a computer course. Melissa managed to inspire and encourage with her honest and relaxed manner. The time flew by with everyone excited about what they could now achieve. All in all, an informative, pleasant and productive weekend.


Clare Tunnicliffe

[Digital Illustration Workshop] Melissa’s class is perfectly paced to learn the tools of Illustrator, while giving time for practical exercises which demonstrate the range of applications and possibilities of the programme. Melissa has de-mystified Illustrator for me, and opened up the possibilities for what I can do with my artwork!

Helen McCormack

[Digital Illustrator workshop] Illustrator has puzzled me for years but Melissa broke it down in really simple steps and by the end of the first day everybody was able to make their own digital illustration. I left feeling confident and inspired! Very friendly atmosphere with lots of time for one on one attention. Couldn’t recommend enough! Such a well thought out weekend, exceeded m expectations (And they were very high!!) . I learnt so much not just about illustration but Melissa gave great insight into design and using the programme in creative ways.

Fiona O’Neill

[Digital Illustration Workshop] Very enjoyable course – the tutor took some complex tools and processes and made them seem simple, achievable and even fun!


Mary Kirby

[Digital Illustration Workshop] I really enjoyed the class, back to basis and learning the core of Illustrator tools. Practical sessions in the class are very useful as it helps to understand the tasks. The handouts are very helpful as well. I would really recommend this class to everyone who is interested in graphic design or graphic design students who would like to understand the basic skills of Illustrator.

Imran Nasrudin

[Digital Illustration Workshop] Melissa is a great teacher. Her attitude and patience made me feel at ease all the time. Great classroom and excellent notes to go back to when struggling!


Virginia Fiorini

Melissa’s digital illustration course is fantastic. She covers such a huge amount in the two days and it never felt overwhelming or confusing. It was an excellent experience!
I had tried figuring it out via online videos before, but there was no comparison between that and this hands-on, intensive course. I now feel very comfortable navigating through the software and I’m so excited about all the possibilities that are now open to me in my creative work.
I would definitely recommend the course to anyone looking to break into digital art but who doesn’t know how to begin.
Melissa was very patient with all of us, and explained everything very clearly, while giving ample time for us to practise at each step. I’m over the moon with the whole thing!

Claire O’Hagan
I really enjoyed the two days a spent learning the basics of Illustrator in Fumbally Exchange. Due to the restricted class size Melissa was able to ensure everyone was keeping up and answer everyones questions while at the same time cover all the basics as promised. I left the class confident that I could go home and start doing some simple illustrations, trying out some of the tips and tools we had covered during the course. I would recommend the two days as a great kick start for someone who wants to find out exactly what Illustrator is used for and how they can apply this tool to enhance or broaden their own practice.
Suzanne Carroll

I’ve always loved drawing and printing, last year I decided to start my own wedding stationary business (https://www.littlepapermill.ie) but I had no knowledge of illustrator which I would need to develop my designs into wedding invitations. I got in touch with Melissa to get some one-to-one tuition. I found Melissa was very clear when giving direction, and made the somewhat daunting task of learning illustrator enjoyable. As well as teaching the technical side of illustrator Melissa has great ideas and helped me put the final finish on some of my designs.

Aisling Howley
Having studied illustration already, I always found adobe illustrator daunting and frustrating. About three quarters of the way through the first day with Melissa, I found everything falling into place and making sense.

It was wonderful and freeing to have someone teaching the programme from the perspective of an illustrator. It was creatively based not just technically focussed. This made it wholly refreshing and eye opening.

The 2 day format was great and it felt like a real friendly environment to be coming into with familiar faces on the second day.

It was a very positive and enlightening course, and I am so very happy to have done it.

Since doing the course my use of illustrator has increased an unspeakable amount. So it was definitely worth the investment.

Emma Hayes

I can thoroughly recommend this Digital Illustration workshop. I had wanted to learn Illustrator for a long time but found it very intimidating and too complex to figure out alone. After just two days Melissa had left me with a solid understanding of how to navigate the system, use the key tools and decipher the associated terminology. Melissa’s extensive knowledge of the system coupled with her passion for illustration and open teaching approach enabled us to clearly understand how these tools could be applied to our own artwork. The class size is just right and the location and set up lends itself perfectly to this creative class. If you would like to get to grips with Illustrator and want to avoid the usual mundane corporate type course then look no further!

Hilary Glynn

[Digital Illustration Workshop] Melissa’s class was extremely enjoyable and with her patient way of teaching made it easy to understand. Melissa is excellent at what she does, and I would recommend any of her classes to anyone. I now can’t wait to start creating some lovely things :).

Roisin Maher

Melissa’s three-day digital illustration workshop was absolutely brilliant, and I would recommend it to anyone who would like to be able to use Illustrator and Photoshop for creative projects. Melissa is an excellent teacher – friendly, warm, patient and hugely knowledgeable. The course is very well structured and well paced, with a combination of teaching and hands-on exercises that really help you get to grips with the programmes.  Melissa has loads of great tips and advice, and she also gives excellent, detailed notes, which are an invaluable reference when you are working on stuff at home. I had never been able to get my head around Photoshop and Illustrator when I was trying to figure them out on my own but having done the course I really feel excited about the creative possibilities of digital illustration. Thanks so much, Melissa!

Eimear Picardo

Melissa made Tumblr super easy.  A great workshop.  All participants came out with professional-looking blogs.  A very worthwhile way to spend a few hours.

Elizabeth Fitzgerald

[tumblr workshop] Melissa is the best of teachers, clear, patient, generous – she enjoys it and that’s a real bonus.

Marie Hanlon

I took Melissa’s Tumblr website/blogging workshop and found her to be an excellent instructor.  I am really glad I took the workshop and I highly recommend GoRadiate.ie for classes.  I could have wasted a lot of time trying to explore Tumblr myself, but Melissa presented the material in perfectly digestible way.  She was able to comfortably field all my questions and all other questions raised in the class showing a depth of knowledge not only about the product, but also a ‘best practices’ instruction on how use it.  The class size was perfect as Melissa was able to give each student a very personal and tailored instruction, so we could quickly get hands-on with building our own Tumblr blogs/mini websites.

Patrick McKenna

[Digital Illustration Workshop] Melissa facilitated a really engaging learning experience, well paced and imaginative, with no question too big or small. Great professional and creative insights supported by great project work. Looking forward to building on this!

Eugene Boyle

I wanted to do a course in Illustrator for a long time but found it really hard to find a good introductory course. I was delighted when I came across Go Radiate. Melissa is a terrific teacher. She was enthusiastic about her subject,  the class was well planned and moved at a good pace. I learnt so much and really enjoyed her company and the other’s in the group. Thanks Melissa!

Ruth Shaw

Melissa’s Digital Illustration course is absolutely perfect for anyone looking to get to grips with the basics of Photoshop & Illustrator.
The 3 day course covers just enough to give you the starting skills to go create on your own, and offers follow on support if you want to take it further. Perfectly paced and excellent notes, I would recommend it highly.

Sarah Byrne

I found the three day digital illustration course a complete eye opener. While the course is quite intensive regarding content, Melissa provided a well paced and relaxed environment. All tools were expertly explained and plenty of practice time was given to get to grips with all aspects. I have no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone looking to develop their digital creative side.

David Cullen

[Digital Illustration] Sincere thanks for your very informative workshops on the uses of both Illustrator and Photoshop CS6. I found the workshops to be hugely beneficial in getting an overview of the possibilities as well learning invaluable short cuts in the detail. I greatly appreciated your calm consideration of my many difficulties and your patience in tracing my points of error. I found the sessions informal and relaxed, which for me was an essential part of the learning and would highly recommend them to anyone coming to terms with the details of Illustration practice in its many diverse forms.

Joan Gleeson

[Digital Illustration]Just wanted to say a BIG thank you for being such a ‘Mega-teacher’ and for all the work you put in for all of us over the last 3 Saturdays, which flew like playtime on another planet.   Especially too for generously sharing your tips, discoveries and resource links on top of everything else, so that the whole experience was a huge hand up for me  into learning, practising and using all that great  stuff when I am in production mode  – (all of which would have taken me  light-years to hit on, if ever)!!  The handouts are also a brilliant back up …………. and finally ……………..  loved your blog article on ‘what to do if you get stuck’, written from a place of honesty,experience and knowledge of the reality;  it is just so spot on!!!

Margaret Agnew

Melissa’s Digital Illustration Course is a really excellent opportunity to delve into the world of Photoshop and Illustrator. I had some prior knowledge of both but had been learning slowly through trial and error. The notes she handed out and the accompanying exercises really opened up my understanding and gave me a better idea of just want I could achieve using the programmes. Definitely worth it!

Emily Carson

[one on one tuition] Learning Illustrator with Go Radiate was excellent.  Melissa was extremely easy to work with and with an intuitive flair she summed up what I needed to learn  within the first half hour of meeting me.  What followed was a truly bespoke 1 -2-1, designed to meet my needs exactly.
My 2 days of  tuition was punctuated with precise breaks which helped the absorption of the new material,  and absolutely no time was wasted. At every stage I could tell that Melissa checked we were on target and covering what I needed, and with a relaxed meticulousness she ensured I had  thoroughly learned everything by applying the skills to my own projects ,at the right time during the class.
I would thoroughly recommend Melissa to anyone who wants to learn/ brush up on Illustrator or Photoshop. She is an Adobe expert and  has so much background knowledge and clear passion for illustration and design that  time spent with her, not only helped me effectively learn a new package,  but was engaging, enjoyable and satisfying.

Joan Alexander

[3 day digital illustration workshop] Great course and very enjoyable. Would highly recommend Melissa for either an introduction to digital illustration or just to clarify programmes that you may only know how to use elements of.

Elizabeth Kirby

I really enjoyed Melissa’s digital illustration course because we had a good mix of people in our class and the small class size meant that we each could work along at our own pace and with individualised instruction and attention. It really was a treat and I would recommend the course to anyone as learning techniques in illustrator and photoshop are an asset to many, if not all, professions and skill sets.

Christina Reynolds

I attended the 3-day illustrator and photoshop course with Go Radiate in summer 2014 and found it very useful and thorough.
Melissa was excellent and was able to answer every question asked by the group.
I would highly recommend it.

André Negri

[Digital Illustration Class] Melissa is a really good teacher and her class is perfect for those who are new to graphic software. She will teach you all the tricks she knows to help you work quickly and perfectly. I really enjoyed every class.

Karolina Vanasova

The Digital Illustration is an absolutely fantastic course and would really recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning about photoshop and Illustrator! It felt as if the course was tailor made for me, seamless in its connections between the two programmes. Melissa is a great teacher, very clear and makes everything easy to understand.

Elaine Carolan

As a curator and artist I found it very frustrating when I had ideas for flyers, posters and exhibition invites but constantly had to go to someone else to create them! When I discovered the Digital Illustration course I decided it was high time to upskill in this area. I previously had a very basic knowledge of photoshop and no experience whatsoever of any design programmes but I found the course really worthwhile and learnt a lot in a few short weeks. The small class size was ideal for one on one assistance and all of the notes were available afterwards which was extremely valuable.

Deirdre Morrissey

I participated in a series of classes run by Melissa Doran – Go Radiate on the use of Photoshop and Illustrator. Melissa is always well prepared and issues very clear notes on the topics discussed in the classes, which is very helpful. The group is small, so she is able to give everybody sufficient attention and answer queries as they arise. Her teaching style is friendly and informal, yet efficient. I am delighted to recommend Melissa to fellow students.

Mary McDonald

I really enjoyed attending the Digital Illustration course. The location, environment, notes, visuals, tutoring and Melissa’s patience made the course really enjoyable. I look forward to doing more classes with Go Radiate in the future.

Adelle Hickey

A very practical and enjoyable course [Digital Illustration]. I found Melissa to be an enthusiastic, creative and patient tutor. She has an excellent way of imparting knowledge that builds confidence. The focused nature of the course and the small class size allowed a lot of ground to be covered in each session. Excellent value for the time invested and highly recommended.

Alex Davis

I found the Digital Illustration course to be both practical and in-depth. All of my questions were answered and I found out so much about the techniques I need. Now I am well prepared to create unique vector artwork from scratch or to transform and merge photos into print ready files. I would recommend the course to anyone with an interest and wishing to become proficient in Illustrator or Photoshop.

Kevin Dolan

I loved the Digital illustration class that Go Radiate ran last October (2012) – it unlocked many secrets and tips for me, especially with regards to Adobe Illustrator – lots of ideas that I now plan to incorporate into presentation drawings for clients. This is a course that I’ve already recommended to my architect-friends who I’ve no doubt will sign-up. I thoroughly enjoyed the teaching style – informal yet very informative. I’ll be keeping an eye out for similar courses from Melissa.

Richard Bannon

Melissa’s classes provide the perfect introduction to working with Adobe software programmes. All the ‘How To’ questions are answered as tasks are worked through one by one. Well prepared and approachable she provides students with a comprehensive set of notes for each class. Group numbers are kept small to facilitate an easier learning situation and the atmosphere is very friendly and helpful.

Marie Hanlon

I really enjoyed the Digital Illustration course – the small class size meant it was really hands on and I picked up lots of great tips and tricks in a short space of time!

Pamela Mahon

Melissa’s [Digital Illustration] course was a great help to get back into the swing of things. Lessons offer all the basic as well as extremely useful tips and suggestions. Melissa herself is very friendly and approachable. The course could best be described as “Practical, Professional & Patient” and was thoroughly enjoyable & useful.

William Derham

I have had the good fortune to discover Melissa Doran of Go Radiate just at a time when I needed to develop my photo and video editing skills In support of my fledgling photography practice. Not only is Melissa a technical wizard with expertise in a range of digital media she also has an strong artistic sensibility. These attributes together with her natural facility for clear communication and her easygoing manner makes for a creative and fun learning experience. I recommend highly one-to-one tuition with Melissa where your artistic and technical needs will be met. Enjoy!

Sharon Murphy

Having fumbled about with Photoshop and Illustrator sporadically & fairly fruitlessly for some time, Melissa’s Digital Illustration course was like a light bulb coming on in my head. The course was perfectly balanced – organised and methodical; yet also creative and engaging. Each technique was explored with a clear and careful logic and applied using an enjoyable and useful artistic project. We learned the most sensible and systematic ways of working – great shortcuts and workflow tips; and got some really great trade secrets from Melissa! It was excellent to get an insight into what can be done, what has been done and how it’s done. The notes were excellent, the pace was really well judged and Melissa was a fantastic & patient teacher. Best course ever!

Therese McKenna